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Sightmark® Releases the 6-100x100 Spotting Scope

Sightmark® Releases the 6-100x100 Spotting Scope

Introducing the First Optical Unit of its Kind

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Sightmark® is proud to introduce the 6-100x100 Spotting Scope, the first 100x magnification spotting scope ever released.  The spotting scope offers users clear views at distances up to 1,000 yards. Its dual optical system provides great versatility by giving the user two scopes in one, offering both a 6x magnification and a 100x magnification.

“The new 6-100x100 was developed to offer amazing magnification and functionality. The many features on this scope make it an incredible value,” said Sightmark President James Sellers. “There is no scope like this on the market, as it integrates the most cutting edge optical technology with easy-to-use features.”

The 6x magnification and 122.8-meter field-of-view allow the user to efficiently acquire targets, while the 100x magnification is perfect for viewing longer distances. 

The device features a 100mm objective lens that permits more light to enter the scope, making the image crisper and clearer. Whether you are a shooter, big game hunter, bird watcher, or an enthusiast who enjoys bringing the great outdoors closer, the Sightmark 6-100x100 Spotting Scope is the perfect instrument  for all viewing needs. Included with the scope are: a tripod, carrying case, lens cover, sunshade cover and lens cleaner.     

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