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Sightmark® Introduces the Ultimate Tactical Flashlight: the SS2000™

Sightmark® Introduces the Ultimate Tactical Flashlight: the SS2000™

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Sightmark® is pleased to introduce the SS2000™ Tactical Flashlight—an advanced high lumen output flashlight small enough to mount on tactical firearms. Equipped with Sightmark’s unique Selector Switch, the SS2000 cycles through three settings: 2,000 lumen, 280 lumen or strobe. Similar to its predecessor, the Sightmark H2000™ Tactical Flashlight, the SS2000 features three Cree® LEDs to provide brilliant illumination for even the darkest of situations.

“The SS2000 Tactical Flashlight is the latest development in our line of award-winning flashlights,” said Jeff Murray, Vice President of Sales. “We took our already industry-leading H2000 and dramatically improved on it by adding our unique Selector Switch. We observed the market demand to develop a compact, high lumen output flashlight that could still be affordable, and the SS2000 encompasses all those features.”

The SS2000 Tactical Flashlight features Sightmark’s patented glass-breaking bezel for breaking windows and self-defense. Constructed with Type II MIL-SPEC, anodized, aircraft grade aluminum, the SS2000 is built for exceptional durability, protection against corrosion and heavy recoil resistance.

Included with the SS2000 Tactical Flashlight are: two rechargeable batteries, a battery recharger, a weapon mount, on/off push button, pressure switch and three color filters: blue, green and red. 

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