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Sightmark ReadyFire LW-R5: Shoot with laser focus!

Sightmark ReadyFire LW-R5: Shoot with laser focus!

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – The Sightmark ReadyFire LW-R5 Red Laser Sight (SM25007), a laser sight designed for full-sized pistols, is ready to put your handgun on target. When you need a perfectly placed aim, the ReadyFire LW-R5 stands ready to help you Make Your Mark with a red laser extending 20 yards during the day and an impressive 300 yards at night. 

The laser easily mounts between the trigger guard and muzzle of any picatinny/weaver-railed, full-size handgun, instantly turning the common pistol into a tactical, defense-ready sidearm. The 5mW ReadyFire LW-R5 is powered by two AG13 batteries, allowing up to 7 hours of continuous use, keeping it primed for any close-combat situation, and weighs only 2.3 ounces so no significant weight is added to your setup.

The user-friendly Sightmark ReadyFire LW-R5 features a slide switch activation and a durable shockproof design, making it the laser of choice for almost any intense shooting scenario.

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