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Sightmark Pinnacle 1-6x24TMD Throw Lever Attachment

Sightmark Pinnacle 1-6x24TMD Throw Lever Attachment

The Sightmark Throw Lever delivers lightning quick magnification adjustments for more precise, efficient shot placements. When your work or dynamic precision shooting competitions demand ultra-fast target acquisition at varying distances, often from less than ideal shooting positions, the best tool for the job is a throw lever. The Sightmark Throw Lever is designed for use with Pinnac;e riflescopes and delivers rugged, hard-anodized 6061-T6 machined aluminum performance for as long as you can stand sending rounds down range.

  • Increases speed of magnification adjustments
Material Aluminum
Finish/Color Matte black
Length 2.4 / 60 in/mm
Width 2 / 51.9 in/mm
Height 0.25 / 6.4 in/mm
Weight 0.4 oz
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